Archaeology Talks

The Archaeology Programme of talks is taking a summer break and will return in September.

Rugby Archaeology Society hold regular Saturday morning talks at Rugby Art Gallery and Museum.  Talks are free and open to all (age 16+ recommended).   Please contact Rugby Archaeology Society for more details.  Talks are also available via Zoom.  Please contact RAS Secretary Dr Irene Glendinning to register .

Local Roman town and posting station

Saturday 10 February 10am-11am 

Dr Stephen Young reviews the recent field work undertaken by CLASP (Community Landscape and Archaeology Survey Project) on the Southern Extra Mural & Suburb areas of the Roman Small Town and Posting Station of Bannaventa on Watling Street near Whilton Lodge, Northamptonshire. Utilizing the latest statistical data and analysis from survey work and investigative excavation of this hinterland zone. It will also comment on the development of the site and its potential wider impact for the study of Roman Britain.

Find out more about CLASP at

Saturday 9 March March Speaker to be confirmed.

Saturday 13 April  Speaker to be confirmed.
Saturday 11 May 10am-12pm Bryn Gethin  Excavations Kenilworth Abbey Fields

Saturday 8 June Speaker to be confirmed

The Use of 

Explore market stalls on a street in Tripontium and discover how the Romans lived and what they ate and wore. See for yourself some of the objects they left behind - such as jewellery, coins, pottery and ironwork.