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Christmas Craft Workshops

Christmas Craft Workshops

We are excited to announce that this year we have teamed up with some brilliant local artists/makers to bring you a series of Christmas craft workshops. 


Fiona Setchell  

Silk Painting 

Make professional greetings cards using silk painting techniques demonstrated by Fiona Setchell. Fiona will then show you how to present them using aperture cards. 

Materials needed:

  • Silk : Habotai 8 
  • Silk paints:Pebeo or Jaquard 'dyneflow' (3 primary colours only required Red, Yellow, Blue) Heat Set Dye's 
  • Gutta: Maribu, Dupont, Pebeo
  • Pencil
  • Paint brush
  • Salt
  • Reynolds freezer paper (cheapest on ebay)
  • Aperture cards - The Range, The Works
  • Double sided sellotape or Spray Mount. 
  • Selection of pens and sparkly embellishments, whatever people have.
  • Ruler  
  • Design - hand draw or use ClipArt. 
  • pallet, waterpot, scissors, glue (spray mount handy not essential)  

Rainbow Silks sell all of the above materials including the Reynolds Freezerpaper and Aperture Cards

Mounting your design: 

When the designs are completed and have been heat set, the Reynold's freezer paper can be peeled off from the silk or left on to make it easier to mount in the aperture card. Spray mount is the easiest way to mount the silk, with or without the backing paper attached, but should be used with caution. If using double sided tape it is easiest to mount the silk with the backing paper still attached.  

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Kate Morris

Recycled Fabric Pompoms  

Local crafter Kate Morris will show you how to make use of your old fabric and ribbon scraps and turn them into fabulous pom pom decorations. Simple yet effective.

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Carly from Love Pieces of Eight 

Friendship Bracelets 

These simple and stylish bracelets are a great of activity to keep teenagers busy this festive season. Follow local jeweller Carly from’ Love Pieces of Eight’ as she talks you through the simple steps.

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T J Woodcarving

Carved wooden spoon with T J woodcarving 

Tom will demonstrate how to carve a wooden spoon out of a piece of fallen wood. Why not find something whilst out on your seasonal walks. This is the perfect new year’s project to refocus your mind and soul and learn a new skill.

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Jessi Illustrates

Snowglobe Christmas card

Required to complete this project

Acrylic paint:

Colbalt blue, Windor blue, Red, Yello, White, black

Small flat brush, small round brush

2 pieces of A4 card, scissors, glue, twine, sticky pads

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