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Rugby Archaeology Society

Rugby Archaeology Society talks are open to everyone and are aimed at an audience 16+years.

Refreshments available from 10am, with the talk starting at 10.30am.

Saturday 13 January 2018

Professor Susan Tebby

Romano-British Mosaics of Warwickshire & Leicestershire

Only one Roman Villa is known from Warwickshire which has evidence of a mosaic pavement; but that does not mean that there are not more to be discovered! Fortunately, Leicestershire has numerous pavements, from the second to the fourth centuries, with two being discovered only in 2016-17.

This talk will look at the development of subjects and designs - with passing reference to others in Britain – and consider how such designs might have been laid down in mortar, and by whom. Practical and very simple demonstrations will be given for some complicated geometrical designs that will encourage you to draw some for yourself! A display of original materials and use of replica tools will also be presented.