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Roman Britain

See how Romans lived, what they ate, wore and some of the objects they left behind.

We ask pupils to think like archaeologists and identify, record and touch real Roman objects. Pupils can dress like Romans, but will they be in a rich Roman in a toga or a humble peasant in working clothes?

Pupils spend time in the Archaeology Gallery looking at the Tripontium display of everyday objects from Roman life. The workshops are led by our educational facilitators and last two hours. Workshops are designed for Key Stage 2 but can be adapted on request for younger or older students.

Costs (for a class of 35 approx) from September 2018

Roman Britain £95

Roman Craft £110 (visit includes a craft workshop making a Roman inspired object)

Roman Day £205 (4 hours excluding lunch)

Find out more about our Roman Britain schools programme by watching the video below:

Loans Boxes


Discover exciting Roman objects in the classroom with our education loans boxes. Boxes can be loaned for up to two weeks and must be collected and returned to the museum. Bookings are made in advance.
Cost: £5 per box or loan a box for free if combined with a visit to the museum.

For information or to make a booking please contact Sally Godden, Education Assistant on (01788) 533224 or

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images of children in roman workshops