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The Social History Collection

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How has Rugby changed over the past 200 years, at work, at home and in the community? The Social History Collection contains a wealth of fascinating objects representing the changing pattern of social and domestic life in Rugby and the borough.  

Cabinet of Curiosity

28 November - 10 March

(Exhibition closed between 13 to 23 January)

Explore the museum's social history and archaeology  collections with an exhibition of some of the curiosities from the collections.

Museums as we know them today developed through collections of the wealth which were and eclectic mix of art and science, fact and fiction.  They were carefully assembled and catalogued by their collectors making order and sense of the world around us.

In this exhibition we create Rugby's very own cabinet of curiosities.

80th Anniversary of the Rugby & District Art Society

Running alongside Cabinet of Curiosities is a small display to mark the 80th anniversary of the Rugby & District Art Society.   The artist L.S.Lowry was vice-president of the Society for many years and his painting 'Monday Morning' from the Rugby Collection will be on display.  For the last 2 weeks in November the Society have their annual exhibition of work by current members on display in the Floor One Gallery.

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