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What's on in Floor One Gallery

Floor One Gallery

We are delighted to announce that our Floor One Gallery will be reopening on Saturday 3 October. 

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Floor One Exhibitions for 2020

3 – 23 October – Geometry in Art - Alchemy 

Alchemy is a dynamic group of nine local artists who regularly engage in lively discussions about art and its ideas and histories. They hold an annual exhibition in the Floor One Gallery in which they aim to engage the general public in their projects and encourage an interest in art. The topic for this year's exhibition is "Geometry in Art." It is explored through different media, painting, drawing, ceramics and textiles. The artists have approached the theme from many different angles using both abstract forms, as well as figurative and naturalistic compositions.

Floor One

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30 October – 13 November – Glenn Badham “Our English Coast”

Two years in the studio, Glenn has been building upon his sketches made in recent years and has created a body of oil paintings in response to our incredible coastline. Join him on a tour of our magnificent beaches and coves and feel Glenn’s passion for our Great British resource.


13 November - 11 December - Infinity – Leavon Bowman 

Rugby Open Winner 2019

From my early childhood days art has always been my first love, my passion. I call it my passion because it is an intrinsic part of who I am. I see art and the artist as being one and these only become distinguished once the art form is created. My preferred way of creating art is by painting and drawing and I'm inspired by nature and the impact people have on nature, also the emotional responses it evokes.

Floor One

13 December - TBC Tantalus 

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